Nazarene Missions International

The monthly missionary program of the Ardrossan Nazarene Missions International, referred to as NMI, visits many of the 160 World areas where Nazarene missionaries serve Christ and the Church. We visit by DVD presentation, emails, letters and reports from people who have visited the country as volunteers or short term missionaries; in this way up-to-date news is brought to the group. After our program we enjoy tasty dishes from the countries visited.
We raise funds for Hunger and Disaster, and Compassionate ministries; and when earthquakes, mudslides, floods and famines and droughts devastate communities around the world we know our aid workers will be at the forefront of relief work.
Many volunteers go from the UK to serve in Eastern Europe and Africa and India, assisting in projects to enrich the lives of the poor and sick; such as street childrens’ refuges, abandonned baby shelters, and house building for homeless families. There are openings for short term volunteers able to assist from 2 weeks to 2 years. In some countries orphanages and hospitals, including residents, have been handed over to the Nazarenes and staff and finance is required to maintain these facilities.
Money is raised by special offerings twice a year to help with the building costs of schools, hospitals, dispensaries and churches in 3rd World areas.