Welcome To The NazKidz Website

NazKidz runs every Wednesday in Term time between 6.00pm and 7:30pm and is open to any children of Primary School age. We do lots of fun stuff, including:

  • Games (Lots of these)
  • Crafts
  • Singing (Riotous stuff)
  • Stories from the Bible
  • Group Discussion


Summer Club 2018 – Going Bananas

2nd-6th July – 10am-12noon






















Going Bananas is a holiday club for children moving into P1-P7. It has a packed programme full of music, games, videos, crafts, snacks and loads more.

You can complete an online application here, pop into the church, or contact Phil on 07709 900714


Kid’s Links:

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Dave Godfrey:  http://www.omegazone.org.uk

Ishmael:  http://www.ishmael.org.uk/home.php

Global Gang:  http://www.globalgang.org.uk

Calvary Kids (Fun site):  http://www.calvarywilliamsport.com/kids-index.html

HiKidz (Fun Site):  http://hikidz.org/

Fischy Music:  http://www.fischy.com/


For more information about NazKidz, and details of future events, please text Phil on 07709 900714, or email tatlowphil@aol.com